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Mantra Salon

Sustainable Beauty

Offering precision haircuts, colour, makeup and a full line of Aveda's Hair Care, Skin Care, Spa Body, Colour Cosmetics and Men's Hair Care...Mantra is the perfect fusion of style and sustainable beauty. Located conveniently across from the Carmel Plaza, Mantra is nestled in a lush courtyard called Court of the Fountains. Razorwire Design's solution was to create a web presence that reflects the high-quality services & products Mantra has to offer, strengthen their brand awareness and allow visitors to book appointments and buy Aveda products without leaving the website.

Awareness Print Campaign

Even though the Mantra website was our first priority, we knew that we needed to advertise in local newspapers and magazines to announce the new site. Razorwire Design created an ad campaign that lasted 12 months to create awareness and drive new and existing clients to the new website. The advertisements varied in content but maintained their continuity of the Mantra brand.

Aveda Products / e-Commerce

Mantra did not want to limit their customer's ability to purchase Aveda hair and skin products by making their customers travel to the shop. Our solution was to create a web portal to the official Aveda website which allows visitors access to the entire inventory, while crediting Mantra with the sales.

The Result

Considering Mantra Salon was a newly established brand looking to generate buzz and word of mouth about its new ownership, it required a wide range of printed material to be created. From ads and brochures to signage and business cards, we designed a vast assortment of branded print collateral that carries the same elegance and neutral warmth established on the website. The result was a perfect combination of communication systems that work cohesively as a branding campaign.
Razorwire Design
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