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Metal Specialties

Metal Fabricated Art

Metal Specialties is a family owned and operated custom metal fabrication company, serving the Monterey Peninsula for over 25 years with quality ornamental, commercial and structural metalwork.


Metal Specialties was an absolute pleasure to work with. When the website project kicked off, the design direction was very clear and focused, which allowed us to pinpoint a solution quickly. Our moodboards (not specific design elements but rather visual indicators of the site’s tone and feel) focused on the culture of the shop rather than on the finished products themselves. After countless conversations, page concepts, revisions, and critiques, it stopped being a “client/agency” relationship, and we became a single, cohesive team working toward a unified goal. With both teams focused and open to suggestions, every phase of the project flowed, even after the site had launched.

Keeping It Simple

Early on, our conversations with Metal Specialties led us to the phrase "Let's keep it simple." So, we did...but we also added a twist to the simplicity by making the background of each page a different image and added a drop shadow to the copy so that it was legible from the busy backgrounds. Even though we had a variety of imagery for the backgrounds, we treated the images in a similar fashion so that the continuity of the site remained obvious.

The Result

A true collaborative effort between Metal Specialties and Razorwire Design led to a polished, directed experience that succeeds where most industrial service websites fail. The unique look and feel, easy-to-use navigation and perfect fusion of design and metal fabrication enable each visitor to embark on an identical journey throughout the site, allowing for both a consistent experience and very little room for users to miss essential information.
Razorwire Design
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