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On-Point Capital

Specialized Investment Management Services

After more than 20 years of investment and financial management at the highest levels, Denver Dale founded On-Point Capital in order to provide significant investors with superlative investment management services and specialized investment platforms carefully designed to outperform.


Once in a while, clients like to see what we can produce before jumping into a full website design project. To gain On-Point Capital's trust, we set about working on a new logo and redesigned their print collateral (e.g., business cards, letterhead and PowerPoint presentation templates). After hours of collaboration and the client’s feedback, we established On-Point Capital's brand direction and developed critical elements used to drive the design of the site schematic, layouts, navigation system and overall look and feel of the website.

Identity System

On-Point Capital's logo is based on a German Shorthaired Pointer: focused, powerful, loyal, able to move rapidly and turn quickly–a perfect description of On-Point Capital's services and capabilities in the capital investment industry. Our solution was to create a logo that conveyed Denver Dale’s personality and reflected a solid foundation, then apply it to various collateral that would reinforce the brand, speak to affluent investors and stand out from the competition. The final identity system suggests structure, forward thinking and a long-lasting, loyal relationship with clients.

The Result

On-Point Capital was an ideal client. Its defined direction, constructive feedback, and momentum allowed us to take an initial concept and run with it. We loved suggesting subtle features that thrilled the client. The result is a powerful identity system that demands attention and an elegantly designed website that not only accentuates On-Point Capital’s attention to detail, but also provides visitors a unique web experience.
Razorwire Design
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