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Rumble Seat Music

Premium Vintage Guitars

Rumble Seat Music is a premier buyer and seller of fine vintage guitars. They specialize in the art of rare guitar collecting and have two locations in Carmel, California, and New York. Working with JKNet Design, Razorwire Design lead the design of the project.


Rumble Seat Music's business is buying and selling premium vintage guitars–but that doesn't mean their website had to look and feel like a vintage site. In fact, it was quite the opposite as we learned they wanted a modern look with technology to match. As the project kicked off, we asked many questions to try to determine exactly how the new website would provide the foundation for Rumble Seat's brand and communication priorities. After lots of listening, Q&A, notes and suggestions, we became a single, cohesive team working toward a unified goal. With both parties focused on building a unique site with lots of flexibility in terms of a content management system, planning and strategy flowed smoothly into each phase of the project and even after the site had launched.


Rumble Seat Music's website, similar to its stores, is loaded with guitars and paraphernalia–yet the website was not exactly effortless to navigate or manage. Early on, our development team began building out schematics and connections focused on intuitive navigation and on ensuring traffic isn’t lost from pages we had relocated or eliminated. Continuing through the development phase, we paid extra attention to backend usability, building versatile content blocks and templates that allow Rumble Seat Music's team to easily manage page elements through the content management system.

The Result

Even though we won’t say we didn't run into any "bumps on the road" during website development, it was still a pretty smooth phase. Our team built the site from a proprietary template and were adaptive to continual change. We remained open and positive to strategic adjustments that occasionally left our team starting over on certain sections. The result—a clean, responsive website that is just as usable on the backend as it is to navigate on the front.
Razorwire Design
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